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Through Red Door's Buddy System, you can show your compassion for rescued animals by becoming an online buddy to an animal. A donation of $28 or more helps provide a needy animal with food, shelter and veterinary care prior to being placed in a new and loving home.

Consider giving a Buddy System gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays! We can customize every Buddy posting with a special message from you.

Buddy Sponsors!

Please click here for the Buddy Sponsorship Form


Buddy: Tracy
A Buddy since: 03/17/2017
Message: In honor of Charlie Carnation, recently adopted from Red Door


Buddy: Becky
A Buddy since: 02/28/2017
Message: In memory of my first beloved rabbit.

Detective Mittens

Buddy: richard miller
A Buddy since: 02/12/2017
Message: i luv katz.


Buddy: Ingrid Nevinger
A Buddy since: 02/01/2017
Message: I'd like to sponsor Abigail for February - in memory of Stella


Buddy: Mina Chung-Hawke
A Buddy since: 01/16/2017
Message: I am looking forward to sponsoring a rabbit.


Buddy: Debbie Treitman
A Buddy since: 01/01/2017
Message: Happy Holidays


Buddy: aerin in honor of Andrea Bunch and Mr Jones
A Buddy since: 12/27/2016
Message: Happy Solstice, Andrea! from aerin and the cats!

Lady Gail

Buddy: Ryan
A Buddy since: 12/27/2016
Message: I would like to donate $56 additional dollars for the care of my buddy Brigitta. Thank you.


Buddy: Claire Denton-Spalding
A Buddy since: 12/20/2016
Message: Happy Birthday Claire! Here's a cat.

Brigitta Von Trapp

Buddy: Ryan
A Buddy since: 12/20/2016
Message: Good luck little bunny! 🐰

Liesl Von Trapp

Buddy: In memory of Becky
A Buddy since: 12/20/2016
Message: Love to all animals.


Buddy: Rebecca
A Buddy since: 12/20/2016
Message: For the love of animals.

Mr. Roper

Buddy: Grace
A Buddy since: 12/19/2016
Message: Merry Christmas, Grace! Now your buddy will have a good Christmas as well.


Buddy: Sandy
A Buddy since: 11/27/2016
Message: Thank you for the lovely crocheted animals!


Buddy: Pickle
A Buddy since: 11/16/2016
Message: In honor of Pickle and Jenna. May your love continue to bring happiness and hope to others!


Buddy: Truffles
A Buddy since: 11/16/2016
Message: In honor of Truffles, Jack and Jen. Thank you being the people you are and for loving your animal friends so very, very well!


Buddy: In memory of Toby
A Buddy since: 10/03/2016
Message: Kaitlin, we are so sorry for your loss. Toby was a very special bunny. Love to you and Chewy.


Buddy: Frida
A Buddy since: 09/27/2016
Message: In honor of sweet, loving Frida.


Buddy: Tucker
A Buddy since: 09/15/2016
Message: Hoppy Anniversary to my bunny!


Buddy: Simone
A Buddy since: 08/09/2016
Message: In honor of Simone - and for Scott and Alisa, two amazing monkeys who love their feline friends with good, deep love!


Buddy: Lara & Dave
A Buddy since: 01/24/2014
Message: In honor of all the kitties!

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