Be a Buddy

Through Red Door's Buddy System, you can show your compassion for rescued animals by becoming an online buddy to an animal. A donation of $28 or more helps provide a needy animal with food, shelter and veterinary care prior to being placed in a new and loving home.

Consider giving a Buddy System gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays! We can customize every Buddy posting with a special message from you.

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Shirley Partridge

Buddy: Ian Jantz
A Buddy since: 06/25/2018
Message: In honor of our Luna Bug.


Buddy: Rounder and Riven
A Buddy since: 06/25/2018
Message: In honor of sweet Rounder and Riven and their loving monkeys, Heather, Andy, El and Dash.


Buddy: Scout
A Buddy since: 05/02/2018
Message: In honor of Scout


Buddy: Andy B
A Buddy since: 05/01/2018
Message: In honor of Peaches! Thanks for being a great cat friend.


Buddy: Howard Bunch
A Buddy since: 05/01/2018
Message: In honor of Nimo and his BFF, Howdie.


Buddy: Richard
A Buddy since: 04/22/2018
Message: For Snickers


Buddy: Gina
A Buddy since: 04/01/2018
Message: Happy 22nd birthday, Gina! I hope you have a great day!


Buddy: Molly
A Buddy since: 03/29/2018
Message: In honor of my sweet Philip, who found his best friend Wakefield at Red Door.

Jar Jar

Buddy: Abby Kolasa
A Buddy since: 03/09/2018
Message: Happy Birthday Abby! XOXO Erik


Buddy: Girrrrl
A Buddy since: 03/08/2018
Message: Binky free sweet boy! See you at the Rainbow Bridge.


Buddy: Carrie DeVries
A Buddy since: 02/28/2018
Message: In loving memory of your sweet bun, Charisma

Bun Jovi

Buddy: Teddy
A Buddy since: 02/01/2018
Message: Thanks for all your wonderful work on behalf of animals.


Buddy: Christine Carrillo
A Buddy since: 01/29/2018
Message: Happy 12th Birthday, Sophia! Some bunny is thinking of you! Love, Kiara and Irina


A Buddy since: 12/24/2017
Message: Ella and Leon want to sponsor a rabbit for Jackie this xmas!

Bok Choy

Buddy: Emanuel Flores
A Buddy since: 12/21/2017
Message: Some bunny loves you! rnHoppy Holidays!


Buddy: Kimberly Mills
A Buddy since: 12/17/2017
Message: For all the unconditional love shown by Poppy.

Joel Cohen

Buddy: Alice Creason
A Buddy since: 11/27/2017
Message: Merry Christmas! From Charlotte and Emily