Be a Buddy

Here is how the Buddy System works, in two easy steps:

  1. Complete a Buddy System Form, below
    • Here you indicate that you want to be a buddy to a cat, a dog, a rabbit, or a rescued critter (includes ducks, chickens, guinea pigs, hamsters or any other kind of critter we rescue).
    • You can add a message on your Buddy System Form. Here's where you say, "Happy Birthday!" or "I'm thrilled with my new pet." Remember a Buddy System sponsorship makes a great gift!
    • Your name and message is teamed up with a rescued animal. You can see your Buddy online at
  2. On the next page, use the donation page to choose your gift amount
    • Your gift determines the length of your Buddy sponsorship.
    • For a gift of $28, we will match you up with a shelter animal for one month.

    Please enter the following information if you would like to make a contribution to help care for animals in need. All fields are required.