History of Red Door Animal Shelter

Red Door was founded in 1988, under the name Chicago Community Humane Center. In the beginning, a small group of licensed foster homes served as the base of the organization. In January, 2000, an adoption center was opened on the Far North side of Chicago, in the West Ridge/Rogers Park neighborhood. And in March, 2000, an innovative rabbit rescue and adoption program was created at the shelter, expanding Red Door’s reach beyond the limits of only cat and dog rescue.

In June, 2002, the shelter’s name was officially changed to Red Door Animal Shelter to better reflect the vision of the organization as a refuge for animals who were homeless or in need of a safe space. In 2003, Red Door expanded its adoption center to 2410 W. Lunt, Chicago, and, in 2010, the shelter expanded again to include a rabbit boarding facility for the public.

Since the Middle Ages, a red door has been the symbol of a safe haven. This is what Red Door Animal Shelter provides for the animals in its care. And in the Chinese art of feng shui, a red door brings luck to those who live behind it. This is what Red Door wants for the animals in its care.