Cat or Rabbit Socializer

Time Periods When Assistance is Needed

  • Daily during regular volunteer hours
  • Socializers are asked to commit to visiting the shelter a minimum of twice a month.

Related Tasks

  • Socialize cats and rabbits in pens and adoption rooms.
  • Make notes about the animals' behavior for use by staff and potential adopters.
  • Alert staff to any issues of medical concern.
  • Work with shy or special needs animals as requested to increase happiness, social activity and adoptability.

Special Capabilities Needed

  • Must be able to provide friendly, knowledgeable customer service and to answer questions in a professional manner, deferring to staff if the correct answer isn't clear or if guidance is needed.
  • Must be able to learn and use safe animal handling practices when interacting with the animals.

All volunteers who help as socializers must first attend the volunteer orientation and attend a safe animal handling training session.

Animal Socialization volunteers are asked to assist in this area for a minimum of 1 hour each session and commit to a weekly or monthly schedule for a minimum of three months, though they are welcome to stay as long as they want.

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